Friday, November 27, 2009

Altium Designer: Smart-pasting descending net labels

some; using Altium's "smart paste" (control-shift v) you can paste just about anything in one form to another form. This works great if you want to get a bunch of net labels by using only the bus label...
1. copy bus label (actually a "net label")

2. smart paste "Ports, Wires, and Net Labels"

3. done!

BUT when I wanted to paste the net labels in descending order, Altium choked... I thought! The key here is smart paste's 'paste array' using 'text increment'. If you just create the first net label, this feature can paste an array of all the net labels, decrementing each one, and removing the leading zeros.

1. create and copy the highest label

2. smart paste with "paste array", "text increment"

3. done!

Now just smart paste an array of bus entries and you've got your own descendingly labeled bus.

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