Friday, November 20, 2009

Hello (Brave New) World

My first blog entry at Chicken Freighter.

Im a PhD student in electrical engineering. I enjoy studying EE, working with electronics, and with computers. The advent of electronics gave rise to an abundance of new techniques and tools with which humans can interact with the world. In my opinion, the major advantages (or possible advantages) of technology fall into these categories:
  • global communications and mobility enables betterment of lives
  • science can probe deeper into the fabric of reality and the universe
  • lessening of dependence of quality of life on chance events
Having said that, intellectually I think computers and electronics are often detrimental to the lives of humans. These two things have all but completely engulfed modern life. Some serious drawbacks of our technologically advanced society are:
  • human unfriendly jobs: sedentary officework, harmful factory work
  • pollution and destruction of the natural world
Often the goals of technology are in fact undermined by technology. Ill get back to this later when Im not at work. Heres a pic of some goofy technology revealed by a google search for chicken freighter a la MOBA egg grading and packaging.

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